Banquet Desserts

Cake Roll

Royal Ice Cream - Cake RollCreamy Vanilla ice cream rolled in chocolate devil’s food cake. An old fashion dessert. 4 oz. each packed 36/case or 8×8 retail. (click photo for enlargement)

Vanilla Hearts

Royal Ice Cream - Vanilla HeartsVanilla ice cream with a raspberry sorbet center enrobed in white chocolate, drizzled with red confection. 4 ¾ oz. each packed 36/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Vanilla Bomb

Royal Ice Cream - Vanilla BombVanilla ice cream in the shape of a small jello mold. Ready for decorating. 4 ½ oz. each packed 60/case. (click photo for enlargement)


Royal Ice Cream - CrepesVanilla ice cream rolled in a crepe shell dusted with powered sugar, wrapped in wax paper. Ready for further decoration. 5 oz. each packed 25/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Royal Nut Roll

Royal Ice Cream - Royal Nut Roll4 oz. disk of fudge ripple ice cream rolled in a lightly salted mixture of chopped cashews, almonds, and Brazil and pecan nuts. Serve with hot fudge. 24/case or 8/8 pks. (click photo for enlargement)

Jimmy Roll

Royal Ice Cream - Jimmy RollA 4 oz. disk of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate ice cream center rolled in crunchy chocolate shots. Just a dab of whipped cream is all this needs. 24/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Strawberry Cheesecake Roll

Royal Ice Cream - Strawberry Cheesecake RollA 4 oz. disk of cheesecake flavored ice cream with strawberry sauce though out rolled in a toasted macaroon crunch. Serve with fresh strawberries. 24/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Mud Slice Roll

Royal Ice Cream - Mud Slice RollA 4 oz. disk of coffee ice cream with generous amounts of fudge and Hydrox cookies through out, rolled in cookie crumbs. 24/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Banquet Puffs

Royal Ice Cream - Banquet PuffsDecoratively peaked portions of vanilla ice cream served in a fluted cupcake paper…to serve with cake…to serve as a sundae with your own toppings. 2 oz. 40/case; 3 oz. 24/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Holiday Stencil

Royal Ice Cream - Holiday StencilRound 4 oz. disk of vanilla ice cream rolled in pink, yellow or red and green candy shots (depending on occasion) with a creamy festive, custom selected stencil design to symbolize your particular event. Christmas/Thanksgiving/St. Patrick’s Day/Valentines Day…Many more designs available. Please call for details. 48/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Parfait Fillers

Royal Ice Cream - Parfait FillersPre-cut wedge 4 oz. of vanilla ice cream for preparing your own parfait in a glass. 36/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Vanilla Scoops

Royal Ice Cream - Vanilla ScoopsA 5 oz. scoop of vanilla ice cream. Just like at home- for that just made look! Great for cake or hot apple pie. 36/case. Also available in 3 ½ oz packed 48 . (click photo for enlargement)

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