Dessert Specialties

Real Lemons

Royal Ice Cream - Real LemonsA real lemon fruit hollowed out and filled with imported Italian lemon sorbet, light and refreshing. A non-dairy product. 30/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Real Orange

Royal Ice Cream - Real OrangeA real orange hollowed out and filled with refreshing orange sorbet. A non-dairy product. Boxed 24. (click photo for enlargement)

Turtle Creams

Royal Ice Cream - Turtle CreamsVanilla bean ice cream on a bed of buttered gram cracker, topped with caramel, buttered pecans and drizzled with milk chocolate. 4 ½ oz. each packed 18/case or 5×8 retail. (click photo for enlargement)


Royal Ice Cream - Tartufo5 oz. of vanilla and chocolate ice cream surrounding a red cherry and chopped almonds, enrobed in a super premium dark chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate. 36/case or 8/5 pks. (click photo for enlargement)


Royal Ice Cream - TortoniAn authentic Italian treat; rum ice cream in a 5.25 oz. paper soufflé cup…topped with macaroon crunch and a whole red cherry. 36/case or 8/5 pks, also available in 4 oz. & 3.25 oz special order only. (click photo for enlargement)


Royal Ice Cream - SpumoniThe original old world recipe brought over from Italy by Royal’s founder. A 4 oz. wedge of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a scrumptious center of real whipped cream mixed with fruits and nuts, richly flavored with rum, layered with pistachio ice cream. 24/case or 8/6 pks. (click photo for enlargement)

Lemon Truffles

Royal Ice Cream - Lemon TrufflesLemon flavored ice cream with a lemon filling in the center, rolled in a lemon meringue crunch, topped with a lemon candy wedge. 5 oz. each packed 36/case or 5×8 retail. (click photo for enlargement)


Royal Ice Cream - ReginettaA chocolate cake base with black cherry preserve layered with vanilla almond ice cream, rolled in toasted coconut and then dipped in super premium dark chocolate with chopped almonds on top. 5 oz. each 18/case. Retail 5×8. (click photo for enlargement)

White Raspberry Truffles

Royal Ice Cream - White Raspberry TrufflesVanilla ice cream with a raspberry sorbet center, enrobed with white chocolate, drizzled with red confection. 5 oz. each packed 36/case or 5×8 retail. (click photo for enlargement)

Fried Ice Cream

Royal Ice Cream - Fried Ice CreamA 4.5 oz. ball of vanilla ice cream dipped in milk and egg batter, rolled in corn flakes crumbs. Deep fry at 425 degrees for 15 seconds. A taste combination you won’t soon forget. 36/case. (click photo for enlargement)

Mini Mud Pie

Royal Ice Cream - Mini Mud Pie6 oz. of coffee ice cream on a chocolate cookie crust topped with fudge. 24/case. Retail 2×8. (click photo for enlargement)

Royal Wich

Royal Ice Cream - Royal Wich4 oz. disk of 14% butter fat vanilla ice cream between two delicious chocolate chip cookies, dipped in chocolate coating. 24/case. L.A. County Fair 2006 & CT. Specialty Foods Association, 2007. (click photo for enlargement)

Amoretto Bomb

Royal Ice Cream - Amoretto BombAmoretto flavored ice cream with 10 thousand count chocolate drops in the shape of a jello mold. Ready for decorating. Packed 60 to a case 4 ½ oz. each. (click photo for enlargement)


Royal Ice Cream - CannoliA freshly baked cannoli shell filled with rich and creamy vanilla ice cream dusted with powdered sugar and chocolate drops. 3 oz. ea. Packed 12 to a case. (click photo for enlargement)

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